Southern Class 313s For Scrap

Southern Class 313 at Bishopstone
Southern Class 313 at Bishopstone

March 2023, the first of the Class 313/2 fleet have been sent to Eastleigh for storage and scrap. Initially built dual voltage in the 1970s, the now 40+ year old Southern fleet lost their pantographs, remaining third-rail DC only. At the time of the first units being sent for disposal, they were the oldest National Rail EMUs on the mainline network (London Underground units excluded).

37800 Leads the way
37800 leads the 9 car unit out of Lovers Walk TRSMD

Inevitably the first to go, units 313217, 313202 and 313214 made the first run from Lovers Walk to Eastleigh via London. Rail Operations Group carried out the unit drag.

Capable units will also be running under their own power from Lovers Walk to Eastleigh via the West Coast way.

Units are scrapped on site at Eastleigh.

Southern Class 313 Move Log

313201 - Eastleigh 10/05/22
313202 - Eastleigh 10/03/23
313203 - Eastleigh 04/07/23
313204 - Eastleigh 06/06/23
313205 - Eastleigh 11/07/23 - Final Units for Scrap
313206 - Eastleigh 17/05/23
313207 - Eastleigh 13/06/23
313208 - Eastleigh 10/05/23
313209 - Eastleigh 21/06/23
313210 - Eastleigh 04/07/23
313211 - Eastleigh 11/07/23 - Final Units for Scrap
313212 - Eastleigh 17/05/23
313213 - Eastleigh 27/06/23
313214 - Eastleigh 10/03/23
313215 - Eastleigh 21/06/23
313216 - Eastleigh 13/06/23
313217 - Eastleigh 10/03/23
313219 - Eastleigh 27/06/23
313220 - Eastleigh 06/06/23
Class 313 9 Car
The train is seen heading up the Brighton Mainline, 5Q86 to Eastleigh


What’s Next?

The Class 313s will be replaced by Class 377s (including class 377/3), prior to shortening of some services to compensate, before rolling stock moves between operating companies in the future (707s to Southeastern, 377/5s freed up etc).

Southern class 313 withdrawl comes only a few years after the Great Northern 313s were scrapped.

Whilst it was initially planned for 313201 to be preserved (BR blue), this decision is subject to change.

313121 remains with Network Rail as a test train.

Watch: Class 313s off to Eastleigh for Storage and or Disposal

In the video, the class 313s are sent to Eastleigh. Rail Operations Group class 37800 leads the way.

Author: matt

Owner of Rail Record

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1 year ago
Reply to  matt

I doubt these have any future beyond scrap.

another video here

Hoping Eastleigh has a chance to cut a few bits for collectors.

8 months ago
Reply to  John

Hi yes, i been to Eastleigh recently and they are cutting out carriage numbers and unit numbers for collectors. The carriage numbers and smaller stuff like that are supposed to be £100 and the unit numbers for somewhere around £300. im unsure where they are being sold currently but may be listed somewhere later. im unsure what else they saved but i did see various parts around like doors and controls

evan terry
evan terry
1 year ago

201 and 208 have been taken away now too unfortunately

evan terry
evan terry
1 year ago

goodbye to 206 forever my favourite unit and 212 taken too soon by some idiot with a brick

hyundai narogong
10 months ago

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