List of Train Service Codes

Trains which run on the UK Rail Network are given a train service code, which identify a type of train service. Train service codes are shown on the live UK train times on Rail Record as an 8 digit number. If you’d like to know what a train service is for, you can copy the 8 digit service code from the train timetable on Rail Record, and paste it in the search below.

This page details most of the commonly used train service codes in the UK. Rail Record uses these train service codes to show you a train operator on the live train times search results.

Data last updated 03/09/2020.

If you think there is a problem or some of the data is now incorrect, please use the Get In Touch page to suggest edits. New service codes are added all of the time and we aim to update the above listing as frequently as possible. It is therefore possible that some newer service codes are missing from the above list.

Our live train times pages are updated with the most up to date Train Service Code information. This page is only updated periodically. If you’re unsure what a TSC is, find the service using live train times from the main menu.