Rail Record – Online Live Train Times UK

Rail Record is an online train timetables and train schedules website. We have information on nearly every train service in England, Scotland and Wales to help you get from A to B.

The Rail Record website is mobile optimised, which makes it easy to browse train services on all devices little and large.

Live Service Updates

Rail Record gives live train times and live train service updates. Rail Record provides realtime live train timetable data for 99% of train services, as well as VSTP train information.

Nice and Fast

Rail Record live train times website has been designed with mobile users in mind. Good both on mobile and desktop, Rail Record has small page sizes, and optimised backend database and power to improve performance for all users (subject to your data speed)

Comprehensive Information

Rail Record gives detailed information on trains on the UK (exc Ireland) rail network, with all the required information. A quick search will list all train services at a station, whilst clicking the chevron will expand the train service details showing calling points, performance and service details including headcode (if available) and operator.

Search Live Train Times

Search live train times with Rail Record. Using our easy to use train times website, getting from A to B has never been easier.

Live train times for most UK stations

Rail Record has live train times for most stations in England, Scotland and Wales.

Easy to read train times layout

It is clear what trains call at what station. Stations where a train stops are annotated with a stop watch icon. The train schedule table rows are set in alternating colours so its easy to follow.

Find connecting train services with ease

If you need to catch multiple trains, you can tap on a station on the train schedule page to take you to a list of services at that station, around the same time that your train gets in to that station.

Detailed service information

We show detailed train service information such as the train operator (useful if your train ticket excludes you from travelling on certain services) and whether it has been cancelled.

Alert updates

Get SMS / Email notifications about train services

Historical train times

We’ll aim to keep a history of train schedules for around a year after they ran (subject to database storage allowance).

Members Area

Rail Record Email SMS Alerts Page

Now Available! Rail Record offers a free members area. The Rail Record members area enables you to get email / sms* alerts about train services, add information about train allocations and sightings, and share information about lineside locations and stations.

Get Alerts About Train Services

  • Cancellation

    Get notified about service cancellation, with an option to also get notified if the cancellation is overturned.

  • Activation

    Email / SMS alert when the train schedule is activated in the railway computer systems

  • Reaches Location

    Get notified when a train reaches a given location, pickable from a drop-down list, so you don't need to keep refreshing the page.

  • Many More

    Such as lateness, first movement and headcode change

Make Contributions

  • Submit Sighting Reports

    Add train allocations to schedules to help track train recent locations

  • Share Location Information

    Add information about line side locations and help others plan their journeys

  • Locomotive Information

    Update information about locomotives, upload your photo and submit information about liveries, names etc.

The live train times member area is now available and is free to join. Email alerts are free (limit to 15 at a time) but SMS alerts *will require purchasable credits at a small cost (£1 for 10 SMS, £5 for 50 SMS, £10 for 200 SMS – also removes the 15 email limit). You can purchase SMS credits with PayPal.

Alerts can be set by clicking the bell icon at the bottom of a live train times schedule. You’ll be required to login / create a free account to get email/sms alerts. Train information can be seen / updated by clicking on the locomotive number at the bottom of a schedule, provided an allocation has been added.

Looking for the VSTP Schedule List? It’s moved to the VSTP Schedules page, from the Enthusiast Resources menu at the top.

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