Latest VSTP Train Schedules

Here, you can search VSTP train schedules. VSTP schedules are very short term planned train services. VSTP train schedules are often made within 48 hours of train departure, often created as a short term variation in a train’s workings.

Use the form below to search for VSTP services from a wide range of different train operating companies. This search feature works by searching the database for VSTP services (STP Indicator N) which match common Train Service Codes of train operating companies.

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VSTPs can be searched for up to 7 days into the past.

HC Origin / Destination Operator View
5S76Newton Heath T.M.D.... (0818) to Manchester Piccadill... (0833)Runs 14-08-2022Northern
2J05Southminster... (0906) to Wickford... (0936)Runs 14-08-2022Greater Anglia
2J04Wickford... (0806) to Southminster... (0837)Runs 14-08-2022Greater Anglia
5S62Newton Heath T.M.D.... (0900) to Preston... (1000)Runs 14-08-2022Northern
5Y96Sevenoaks... (0758) to Cricklewood South Si... (0930)Runs 14-08-2022
1B84Sheffield... (1710) to Doncaster... (1735)Runs 14-08-2022TPE
5Z56Weymouth... (1448) to Bournemouth... (1546)Runs 14-08-2022SWR
5Y69Welwyn G.C C.S.D.... (1210) to Sevenoaks C.H.S.... (1406)Runs 14-08-2022Thameslink
5Y09London Blackfriars... (0810) to Sevenoaks... (0843)Runs 14-08-2022Thameslink
5P74Lowestoft... (1015) to Norwich Low Level... (1049)Runs 14-08-2022Greater Anglia

DB Cargo VSTPs with strange or missing “to” and “from” fields are TOPS training locations and should be ignored as these are not legitimate schedules.