Latest VSTP Train Schedules

Here, you can search VSTP train schedules. VSTP schedules are very short term planned train services. VSTP train schedules are often made within 48 hours of train departure, often created as a short term variation in a train’s workings.

Use the form below to search for VSTP services from a wide range of different train operating companies. This search feature works by searching the database for VSTP services (STP Indicator N) which match common Train Service Codes of train operating companies.

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VSTPs can be searched for up to 7 days into the past.

HC Origin / Destination Operator View
5Y12London Waterloo... (0929) to Clapham Yard Sidings... (1001)Runs 11-08-2022SWR
0Z60Alexandra Dock Jn. T... (0730) to Margam T.C.... (0832)Runs 11-08-2022DB Cargo
5D00Slade Green T&R.S.M.... (2300) to Grove Park C.S.D.... (2346)Runs 10-08-2022Southeastern
6Q04Three Bridges Voyage... (2200) to Eastleigh East Yard... (0029)Runs 10-08-2022Balfour Beatty
7V62Southampton Up Yard ... (1321) to Whatley Quarry F Lin... (1700)Runs 11-08-2022Freightliner
5T52Perth... (1738) to Glasgow Queen Street... (1852)Runs 11-08-2022
5T66Dundee... (2115) to Stirling... (2225)Runs 11-08-2022
0Z38Lincoln... (1235) to Doncaster Roberts Rd... (1329)Runs 12-08-2022Colas Rail
7Z53Westbury Down T.C.... (0713) to Southampton Up Yard ... (0900)Runs 11-08-2022Freightliner
5L57Glasgow Queen Street... (1910) to Dundee... (2052)Runs 11-08-2022

DB Cargo VSTPs with strange or missing “to” and “from” fields are TOPS training locations and should be ignored as these are not legitimate schedules.