On Track Plant Identification Guide

On Track Plant Indentification Guide

This page gives a guide to identifying on track plant and track machines on the UK rail network. Track machines in the UK are often allocated their own headcode which pairs up with their individual track machine number. The below table lists track machine numbers, and their associated headcode.

This page is useful for identifying track machines. If you have spotted a track machine and know the headcode but not the train number, or the train number and not the headcode, you can identify it here.

Matissa Plasser Tamper UK Train On Track Plant
Matissa Balfour Beatty Tamper at Preston Park, UK

Rail Record will tell you which services are tampers, grinders etc. If it shows operator Balfour Beatty, Harsco, or has a trailing / timing load of “715 tonnes”, it will probably be a track machine. Another way you can identify a Track Machine is by its service code. If you use a different website for live train times such as RTT, copy the service code and use the Rail Record list of Train Service Codes, accessible from the main menu.

The above track machine identification guide is correct as of July 2018. If you spot any mistakes or would like to recommend changes to the Rail Record track machine identification guide, please use the Get In Touch page.

Network Rail MPV Pairings

Network Rail MPV treatment train master and slave unit numbers can be found below, with their RHTT/SITT depots for 2018 also. Subject to change. Semi Permanent pair numbers usually have a difference of 50 in their numbers so if you know one of the 2 numbers, add or subtract 50 to find the other.

DR98901 / DR98951 Wigan TMD
DR98902 / DR98952 Wigan TMD
DR98903 / DR98953 Wigan TMD
DR98904 / DR98954 Wigan TMD
DR98905 / DR98955 Mossend
DR98906 / DR98956 Slateford
DR98907 / DR98957 Mossend
DR98908 / DR98958 Kings Norton Plant Depot
DR98909 / DR98959 Kings Norton Plant Depot
DR98910 / DR98960 Slateford
DR98911 / DR98961 Mossend
DR98912 / DR98962 Wigan TMD
DR98913 / DR98963 Effingham Junction
DR98914 / DR98964 Effingham Junction
DR98915 / DR98965 Effingham Junction
DR98916 / DR98966 Horsham Up TC
DR98917 / DR98967 Horsham Up TC
DR98918 / DR98968 Horsham Up TC
DR98919 / DR98969 Tonbridge ES
DR98920 / DR98970 Tonbridge ES
DR98921 / DR98971 Tonbridge ES
DR98922 / DR98972 Eastleigh
DR98923 / DR98973 Effingham Junction
DR98924 / DR98974 Eastleigh
DR98925 / DR98975 Tonbridge ES
DR98926 / DR98976 Effingham Junction (pink cab)
DR98927 / DR98977 Eastleigh
DR98928 / DR98978 Horsham Up TC
DR98929 / DR98979 Horsham Up TC
DR98930 / DR98980 Tonbridge ES
DR98931 / DR98981 Tonbridge ES
DR98932 / DR98982 Wigan TMD