LNER Class 91119 Repainted Into Intercity Swallow Livery

LNER Class 91119 Repainted Into Intercity Swallow Livery

London North Eastern Railway have reliveried one of their Class 91 electric locomotives into the historic Intercity Swallow Livery.

Locomotive 91119 received the special historical livery this year to commemorate 30 years in passenger service. The Class 91 trains entered passenger service on 3rd March 1989. 2019 will mark 30 years in service, but 2019 will see the start of these well known trains leaving LNER. The LNER fleet are to be replaced with the new Azuma Class 800 units.

91119 departs London Kings Cross for Leeds on Tuesday 18th December 2018.

Class 91s were introduced as part of the East Coast Mainline modernisation and electrification scheme, and were given the name of Intercity 225 because of their top speed of 225kph.

It is expected that the Class 91 trains will be going to Great North Western Railway (source: Wikipedia).

LNER on Twitter: The Class 91 entered passenger service on the 03rd March 1989. Next year, after 30 years in service we’ll start to say goodbye. To honour its heritage during its last period of time on the East Coast Mainline, we’ve restored 91119 to its former glory and an iconic livery””

LNER are not the only train operating company to repaint / vinyl their trains into iconic liveries.

  • Southern Railway’s Class 313 number 3013201 has been reliveried into historic BR blue/greay livery which the class 313 fleet once wore.
  • GWR have repainted HST power car 43002 into Intercity 125 BR Blue Yellow livery.
  • GWR have repainted HST power car 43185 into Intercity Swallow Livery.
  • GB Railfreight have repainted their Class 66 number 66789 into BR livery with large logo, and 66779 Evening Star into dark green livery.

LNER 91119 has been out and about on the East Coast Mainline recently and has already been sighted by a fair few. Have you seen 91119 yet? Comment below.

If you’re hoping to see 91119 in service, LNER often share an early morning tweet with the diagrams of 91119’s workings.
You can see the LNER twitter page along with allocations for the train, by Clicking Here.

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5 years ago

Class 90s and 91s should stay in service for a while because in my opinion they actually are still underaged.


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