UK Rail Cancellation Codes

Train Cancellation Reason Codes UK

The above table, lists all cancellation records listed on the Rail Record live train times website. The cancellation reason codes, which are 2 letters sent through TRUST train movement, the first letter is indicative of the cancellation type. Types of cancellation are detailed below by the bullet point list. Thereafter, the individual reasons for each of the parent cancellation types are found in the table above.

Rail Record Cancellation Reason V8

  • A codes: freight yard and customer related cancellations
  • F codes: freight train operator related cancellations
  • I codes: infrastructure related issues
  • J codes: other infrastructure related cancellations
  • M & N codes: train related problems causing cancellations
  • codes: Network Rail related operating causes
  • P codes: Planned cancellations for various reasons
  • Q codes: Network Rail related causes
  • codes: Station related problems causing cancellations
  • T codes: Problems relating to train operating company including passengers on board
  • V codes: Passenger related issues or vandalism
  • codes: Infrastructure issues including weather related problems
  • Y codes: consequential delays and cancellations due to earlier problems
  • Z codes: cancellations which otherwise don’t meet the above codes.
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