Timings Now Available For The Waverly Reunion Railtour

Timings now available for Pathfinder Tours The Waverly Reunion

Timings are now available for Pathfinder Tours’ The Waverly Re-union railtour, which features the popular historic class 50 diesel locomotives.

Class 50 locomotive
A class 50 locomotive, an example of the type of engine which will be hauling this special anniversary railtour marking 50 years since the closure of the Waverly route, one which has recently reopened thanks to the general public.

The railtour, which runs along the recently reopened Waverly route, marks 50 years since the closure by British Railways with the final train running on 5th January 1969.

The train starts at Birmingham New Street at 0455 in the morning, and heads up the West Coast Main Line through the West Midlands to Tweedbank (1335) via Crewe (0613), Warrington (0644) and Carlisle (0840).

Birmingham NS to Tweedbank (https://www.rail-record.co.uk/rail/liverail/train/828121/05/01/19)

Following a short leg stretch after its early afternoon arrival into Tweedbank, the train departs at 1425 to Edinburgh Waverly (1529)

Tweedbank to Edinburgh Waverly (https://www.rail-record.co.uk/rail/liverail/train/828122/05/01/19)

Following the arrival into Waverly, the train will head into Craigentinny TRSMD for some cleaning and a quick checking over. Passengers have just shy of 2 hours to explore the area as the sun sets, with the train returning back into Edinburgh Waverly around 1730.

Edinburgh to Craigentinny TMD (https://www.rail-record.co.uk/rail/liverail/train/828123/05/01/19)

Craigentinny to Edinburgh (https://www.rail-record.co.uk/rail/liverail/train/828124/05/01/19)

Departing at 1746, the double headed class 50s will head back to Birmingham (2358) via Carlisle (1956).

Edinburgh Waverly to Birmingham New Street (https://www.rail-record.co.uk/rail/liverail/train/828125/05/01/19)

The ECS then runs 0005 to Bescot Down Side (https://www.rail-record.co.uk/rail/liverail/train/828195/06/01/19)

The train will be double headed Class 50 Alliance locomotives throughout the tour, with the exception of the Tweedbank line, where they will be running top and tail mode. A coach tour is also availables. See the Pathfinder Tours website for tour pricing, availability and further information.

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