STP-only search feature now added

STP-only search feature now added to live train times

At Rail Record, we are always seeking ways to improve user experience. Which is why we have added the ability to search for STP-only schedules.

This option is available from the dropdown menu on the search. The STP only search option allows you to search for services at a train station or TIPLOC, but only get a list of STP or VSTP schedules.

This feature is useful for people who want a list of STP non passenger or freight movements, but don’t want to search through the list of WTT schedules.¬†Only a list of STP and VSTP schedules will be displayed, and any WTT paths will be omitted.

As normal, you can search for live train times by entering the station, location or CRS code. When the dropdown box appears, press the location you’re after, and the correct TIPLOC will be applied. Choose the relevant date from the calendar, and choose STP (inc VSTP) only from the dropdown menu. Press search.

STP only train services
A screenshot of the live train times application, showing STP and VSTP only services at Crewe railway station.

Future extension of this feature will include STP results with or without passenger services. This will be effective at removing large number of STP passenger services during diversions or 0B00 rail replacement bus services, showing only non-passenger and freight trains.

If there are any features you’d like to see added to the Rail Record live train times feature, please do not hesitate to share a comment below, or use the Get In Touch page.

Author: matt

Owner of Rail Record

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