New Livery for GB Railfreight 66747

New Livery for GB Railfreight Class 66 Number 66747

GB Railfreight locomotive class 66 number 66747 has received a new livery.

66747 was repainted at Eastleigh paint shop last week, into Newell and Wright Transport livery. Based in Sheffield, and with a container depot in Masborough, Newell & Wright Transport provide haulage and container logistics service so it’s likely GBRf have formed a partnership with them. Could we be expecting another naming ceremony some time soon?

This news follows a number of recent rebrands into promotional partner liveries from numerous freight operating companies; such as 66587 in pink livery (As ONE We Can), and DB Cargo’s new 66109 PD Ports and Maritime liveries.

66747 will work 0330 0Z66 Eastleigh East Yard to London Gateway GBRf on Monday 8th July 2019. Path below. A naming ceremony will take place at London Gateway, and following this, 66747 will work 4L00 and 4E00 all week between London Gateway and Masborough N&W.

Latest wibble suggests it has a white roof with blue and white sides.

To summarise, please find below GBRf’s wide range of colour schemes and liveries on what seems to be it’s mission to become the UK’s most multicoloured freight operating company!

66709 MSC Shipping Livery “Sorrento”
66711 Aggregate Industries “Sence”
66718 London Transport Black “Peter Hendy”
66720 Childrens Rainbow
66721 London Transport White “Harry Beck”
66727 Maritime Blue “Maritime One”
66743 Brown Maroon Livery
66746 Brown Maroon Livery
66747 Newell & Wright Transport
66779 Brunswick Green “Evening Star”
66780 Cemex Blue/White
66783 Biffa Red Orange “Flying Dustman”
66789 BR Large Logo “British Rail”

Any missing? Please state in comments any livery variations we might have missed.

More information when we have it.

Author: matt

Owner of Rail Record

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4 years ago

I woul love to see a conrail class 66 would be cool

Mark Edmondston
Mark Edmondston
3 years ago

GBRF 66731 NHS Blue & Orange livery

Mark Edmondston
Mark Edmondston
3 years ago

In order to update the multicoloured GBRF fleet I would add 666731 as mentioned above along with 66791 Beacon Rail GBRF Blue. The recent new comers imported from Germany 66793 & 66794 although in there own variant of Beacon Rail Blue, do slightly difffer to 66791 since it’s repaint over here, but thats upto you?


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