Historic Railway Posters on Display at Bishopstone Railway Station

Historic Railway Posters on Display at Bishopstone Railway Station

A part of Bishopstone Railway Station has recently been re-opened to the general public, revealing some historic railway posters.

The side foyer area of the entrance hall has been closed for a number of years but has recently opened and inside are a number of aged railway related posters from across the country.

The posters date back to the 1970s, when the class 43 HST train entered service between London and York.

The posters on the right tiled frame are seen to be in good condition despite their age with only a small amount of graffiti. Hopefully their condition can be preserved for a number of years to come.

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Another piece of history, Bishopstone is one of a number of stations which has a PERTIS machine – a type of ticket machine which enables rail users to buy a coupon which can be exchanged for a valid ticket at a later time. You can read all about PERTIS ticket machines here.

Sussex Community Rail Partnership and the railway station group are holding a History Day on the 18th August, to celebrate the fascinating past of this Grade II listed building complete with WWII gun turrets. More information here.

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Michael Spence
3 years ago

Hello. Only came across this by chance.
There is a friends of bishopstone station group here which I’m secretary of.

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