LNER Class 43 Farewell Tour Announced

LNER Class 43 Farewell Tour Announced

LNER will be running a class 43 HST farewell railtour this December. Bookings will be taken through charter operator UK Railtours.

The tour will run for 4 days covering most of the LNER railway network. The full routing information is currently being planned, and once available, will be shared on this page.

This is an excursion not to be missed, because not just one power car, but the whole consist will be repainted into the Intercity 125 British Rail livery. Repaint will be carried out at LNER’s Craigentinny depot.

The formation will be a fully repainted 2 power car set with 7 coaches, all complete in the original blue and yellow livery.

Power cars 43206 + 43312 are most probable.

Class 43002 at London Paddington
GWR HST Class 43 number 43002, in Intercity 125 BR livery.

LNER will cease operating class 43 HSTs on their services on the weekend of Saturday 14th December, following recent class 91 withdrawl, and the recent introduction of the Azuma class 800 trains.

The HSTs are becoming a lesser common sight on the UK rail network, as Great Western Railway class 43s finished on the Great Western Mainline only earlier this year, too with a class 43 farewell tour.

We’ll share a link to the UK Railtours page once bookings open, but it is expected to sell out FAST so be sure to check the UKRT website as well at ukrailtours.co.uk.

Bookings can be made, whilst stocks last, at https://www.ukrailtours.com/product/the-lner-hst-farewell/

Full Timings

Please see below, the full timings for the Lner class 43 farewell railtour. Those marked with ECS / red, are non-passenger moves to and from the local traincare depot. Those in green / PAX are railtour timings which the train will run. The below could get replaced with a VAR or different schedule at any time, in which case we’ll try to update with as much notice as possible.

There are no return workings, only the below, so you’ll have to raise queries with ticket operator if you have problems getting back home.

Wednesday 18th December

From Edinburgh via the Forth and Tay Bridges to Dundee, then to Aberdeen, Elgin and finally Inverness.

5Z43 0935 Craigentinny TRSMD to Edinburgh 0942 (ECS)

1Z43 0946 Edinburgh to Inverness 1644 (PAX)

5Z44 1700 Inverness to Inverness TMD 1714 (ECS)

Thursday 19th December

Departing from Inverness, the train runs south on the highland mainline through the summits of Slochd and Druimuachdar before descending to Perth and Stirling. Final leg back to Edinburgh.

5Z46 1113 Inverness TMD to Inverness 1129 (ECS)

1Z46 1214 Inverness to Edinburgh 1639 (PAX)

5Z47 1736 Edinburgh to Craigentinny TRSMD 1745 (ECS)

Friday 20th December

From Edinburgh crossing the Royal Border Bridge, to Berwick Upon Tweed, to Tyne bridges at Newcastle and Durham Castle. Then to York where the train terminates for the day at Leeds.

5Z48 0901 Craigentinny TRSMD to Edinburgh 0907 (ECS)

1Z48 0937 Edinburgh to Leeds 1620 (PAX)

5Z49 1646 Leeds to Neville Hill TRSMD (ECS)

Saturday 21st December

The grand finale, a nice fast run through Doncaster and Peterborough. The Intercity 125 era comes to and end at London Kings Cross which is expected to be very busy.

5Z50 1010 Neville Hill TRSMD to Leeds 1021 (ECS)

1Z50 1101 Leeds to London Kings Cross 1509 (PAX)

5Z51 1615 London Kings Cross to Craigentinny TRSMD 2351 (ECS)


No staff discounts are available. Pricing is expected to be:

  • Day 1: £95 standard, £140 first.
  • Day 2: £90 standard, £130 first.
  • Day 3: £95 standard, £155 first.
  • Day 4: £125 standard, £220 first.

Bookings through UK Railtours shortly. This website has nothing to do with the railtour and is simply sharing the news / timings.

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David Senior
David Senior
4 years ago

The record run was led by 43102 and trailed by 43159.

4 years ago

When is there a fairwell tour and where from

4 years ago

How much are tickets for the journey departing Newcastle and will it include a return journey?

4 years ago

So anyone in the South only has a 2.5hr journey from Leeds to London and that’s it???

Why is it not a return?

Will be missing the thrust of the train leaving London and out to Hertfordshire, instead of that it’ll just be coasting down into London; that’s a really poor show especially given the rail tour company running it are based in Hertfordshire!!!!!

4 years ago

Why cant I get sat timings to london