Full Timings: Last Chance to see Steam on the District Line 2019

Last chance to see a steam train on the London Underground District Line

This June will see the final running (probably) of ‘Steam on the District 150′ – an exclusive opportunity to see a steam train on the London Underground (open air stations only). Previously Steam On The Met, this excursion runs on the District Line.

Running Saturday 22nd June, and Sunday 23rd June headed by Sarah Siddons Electric Locomotive on the east end of the train. Met Number 1 steam locomotive will be on the west end of the train, Ealing direction. The train will be load 6 carriages.

This will be the final opportunity to see the Steam on the District’ excursion. This is due to signalling modernisation that will provide more frequent services and improved reliability on the Circle, District, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines. The excursion train commemorates 150 years of the District Line.

Confirmed Timings for Steam on the District 150. Composed of Train 150 (Steam Locomotive #1 + Ashbury Coaches 387, 412, 394, 368 + Met Jubilee Coach 353 + ex district coach 100 + Loco 12 Sarah Siddons)

Please find below the confirmed timings for this weekend excursion. Timings are identical for both Saturday and Sunday, with the exception of the evening ECS which is posted last.

Saturday 22 June and Sunday 23rd June

Ruislip Depot 0905
Ruislip Siding 0925 – 0934
Ruislip 0936
Rayners Lane 0942
South Harrow 0945
Alperton 0952
North Ealing 0957
Ealing Common 0959
Ealing Common Depot (W) 1001 – 1037
Ealing Common 1039
Ealing Broadway P9 1042 Terminate

Journey One

Ealing Broadway 1111 Start
Ealing Common 1114
Acton Town P4 1117
Turnham Green 1121
Hammersmith 1127
W Kensington 1130
Earls Court P1 1133
HS Kensington P3 1136 – 1207
Earls Court P4 1210
W Kensington 1212
Hammersmith 1215
Turnham Green 1220
Acton Town (P1) 1227
Ealing Common 1230
Ealing Broadway P9 1233 Terminate

Journey 2

Ealing Broadway P9 1306 Start
Ealing Common 1309
Acton Town P4 1312
Turnham Green 1316
Hammersmith 1321
W Kensington 1325
Earls Court P1 1329
HS Kensington P3 1332 – 1407
Earls Court P4 1410
W Kensington 1412
Hammersmith 1415
Turnham Green 1420
Acton Town (P1) 1427
Ealing Common 1430
Ealing Broadway P9 1433 Terminate

Journey 3

Ealing Broadway P9 1506 Start
Ealing Common 1509
Acton Town P4 1512
Turnham Green 1516
Hammersmith 1521
W Kensington 1525
Earls Court P1 1529
HS Kensington P3 1532 – 1607
Earls Court P4 1610
W Kensington 1612
Hammersmith 1615
Turnham Green 1620
Acton Town (P1) 1627
Ealing Common 1630
Ealing Broadway P9 1633 Terminate

Then you’ve got the evening empties outlined below.

Saturday 22 June 2019 Final ECS

Ealing Broadway P9 Dep 1706
Ealing Common 1709
Ealing Common Depot W 1712 – 1728
Ealing Common 1730
Alperton 1736
South Harrow 1749
Rayners Lane 1752
Ruislip 1758
Ruislip Depot 1830 Terminate.

Sunday 23 June 2019 Final ECS

Ealing Broadway P9 Dep 1706
Ealing Common 1709
Ealing Common Depot W 1712 – 1854 note the later time c/p to Sat
Ealing Common 1856
Alperton 1902
South Harrow 1912
Rayners Lane 1916
Ruislip 1921
Ruislip Depot 1955 Terminate.

First class tickets are £180, whilst standard class tickets are £150. Tickets can be purchased on the London Transport Museum website, while stocks last.

This excursion follows the recent Art Deco Tube Excursions, which were ran using the historic 1938 Tube Stock, on the London Underground.

Author: matt

Owner of Rail Record

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Clifford Moore
Clifford Moore
5 years ago

I used to love talking my family on the metropolitan line steam days but as this year the event is to take place on the district line and only over a shot distance and would cost me £600 for little over an hours entertainment it’s a none starter as I am not rich