Timings: Black Five Steams Through Sussex This Weekend

Black Five Steams Through Sussex This Saturday 22nd June 2019

Black Five Steam Locomotive
Steam Locomotive 44871 passes Lewes running a Christmas excursion in November 2018. Expect a similar looking locomotive and maroon brown coaches on the below excursion.

A steam train will be travelling through Sussex this Saturday 22nd June 2019.

The excursion train, run by operator Steam Dreams Tour London Victoria & Hastings, will run from London Victoria down through the Brighton Mainline, to the sunshine coast that is Eastbourne.

The train will set down passengers at Eastbourne for those wanting to explore the nearby town center and beach with an almost 3 hour break. Following set down at Eastbourne, the train will continue to Hastings, also a 3 hour leg stretch, where Hastings beach is just a 5 minute walk.

According to the Steam Dreams website, passengers can also enjoy a visit to Bodiam Castle and Kent & East Sussex Railway from Hastings.

The rail tour will be hauled by one of William Stanier’s LMS Black Five locomotives, most likely locomotive 44871. Constructed between 1934 and 1951, the Stanier Black Fives have a reputation for being do-anything and go-anywhere engines. A total of 842 locomotives were built; making them one of the most numerous classes of British steam locomotives ever built.

Full timings

Seems to be both a 5Z38 and a 5Z39, not entirely sure which will run but I’ve posted 5Z39 below. Here are both links incase one runs and the other doesn’t

Southall to Victoria (diesel) ECS



Train 5Z39 runs SO from 22/06/19 to 22/06/19
Type STP   Diesel Loco   Timed at 060mph

Southall Wcr 0844
Southall 0854-0904
Southall East Jn 0905
West Ealing 0909
Acton West 0912
Acton Main Line 0915
Acton Wells Jn 0918
Willesden S.W.S. 0921-0926
Mitre Bridge Jn 0931
North Pole Jn 0932
Kensington (Olympia) 0935
West Brompton 0938-0942
Latchmere Jn 0947
Longhedge Jn 0952
Stewarts Lane Jn 0956
Grosvenor Bridge Jn 0957
London Victoria 1001

Note that for the above, whilst arriving into London Victoria the same time, there is a path that leaves Southall slightly different time. Following arrival into Victoria, the following is worked.

Victoria to Hastings via Eastbourne (steam) PAX


Train 1Z39 runs SO from 22/06/19 to 22/06/19
Type STP   Diesel Loco   Timed at 060mph

London Victoria 1030
Grosvenor Bridge Jn 1032
Voltaire Road Jn. 1036
Brixton 1038
Herne Hill 1043
Tulse Hill 1047
Streatham 1053
Streatham Common 1055-1100
Selhurst 1109
Windmill Bridge Jn 1114
East Croydon 1116-1119
South Croydon 1121
Purley 1127
Stoats Nest Jn. 1128
Redhill 1139-1144
Earlswood (Surrey) 1146
Gatwick Airport 1152
Three Bridges 1156
Balcombe Tunnel Jn 1159
Copyhold Jn 1205
Haywards Heath 1210-1215
Keymer Jn 1219
Plumpton 1224-1232
Lewes 1244
Southerham Jn 1246
Berwick 1253
Polegate 1257
Willingdon Jn 1301
Eastbourne 1306-1331
Willingdon Jn 1336
Pevensey & Westham 1341
Bexhill 1354
Bopeep Jn S.B. 1358
Hastings 1403

Hastings to Hastings Park Sidings (diesel) ECS


Train 5Z40 runs SO from 22/06/19 to 22/06/19
Type STP   Diesel Loco   Timed at 075mph

Hastings 1408
Hastings Park Sidings 1410

Hastings Park Sidings to Hastings (steam) ECS


Train 5Z41 runs SO from 22/06/19 to 22/06/19
Type STP   Diesel Loco   Timed at 060mph

Hastings Park Sidings 1645
Hastings 1648

Hastings to London Victoria via Tonbridge (steam) PAX


Train 1Z41 runs SO from 22/06/19 to 22/06/19
Type STP   Diesel Loco   Timed at 060mph

Hastings 1700
Bopeep Jn S.B. 1704
Mountfield Tunnel 1716
Robertsbridge 1720-1730
Wadhurst Tunnel South 1742
Wadhurst 1745
Strawberry Hill Tunnel 1750
Tunbridge Wells 1754
Wells Tunnel Jn. 1756
Somerhill Tunnel 1805
Tonbridge 1808
Godstone 1834
Nutfield 1840-1912
Redhill 1917-1921
Stoats Nest Jn. 1929
Purley 1930
South Croydon 1936
East Croydon 1938-1941
Windmill Bridge Jn 1943
Selhurst 1944
Streatham Common 1954
Streatham North Jn 1955
Balham 1957
Clapham Junction 2001
Pouparts Jn 2003
Longhedge Jn 2007
Stewarts Lane Jn 2010
Grosvenor Bridge Jn 2013
London Victoria 2016

Not entirely sure why there’s 2 outbound and 2 return ECS but just incase one runs and the other doesn’t here’s two links

Victoria to Southall (diesel) ECS



Train 5Z42 runs SO from 22/06/19 to 22/06/19
Type STP   Diesel Loco   Timed at 075mph

London Victoria 2047
Grosvenor Bridge Jn 2050
Stewarts Lane Jn 2053
Longhedge Jn 2056
Latchmere Jn 2059
West Brompton 2103-2105
Kensington (Olympia) 2108
North Pole Jn 2113
Mitre Bridge Jn 2115
Willesden West Londn Jn 2117
Willesden No7 2120-2126
Acton Canal Wharf 2131
Acton Wells Jn 2133
Acton Main Line 2136-2141
Acton West 2145
West Ealing 2148
Hanwell 2149
Hanwell Bridge Loop 2151-2212
Southall East Jn 2213
Southall 2215-2225
Southall Wcr 2235

The train, which initially comes from West Coast Railway’s depot in Southall, departs London Victoria at around 1030. Following, a slow run south passing East Croydon at approximately 1115, then through the Redhill line passing Redhill at 1135, arriving into Eastbourne at 1305. The train will then head to Hastings for 1400 where presumably it will stable in Hastings Park Sidings for filling with water.

Passengers that departed the train at Eastbourne, will be transferred by other means, from Eastbourne to Hastings where the train will depart at 1700. The train then runs up via Mountfield and Tunbridge Wells, passing Tonbridge and back on the mainline at Redhill (1910) for a 1940 pass at East Croydon, and a 2020 arrival back into London Victoria.

The train will be diesel hauled between Eastbourne and Hastings, so that the Black Five is leading again from Hastings to Victoria via Tonbridge.

Whilst this excursion is advertised as steam hauled, no guarantee or warranty can be made about the availability of a Black Five due to nature and tenancy to fail beforehand.

We will post the confirmed live train times actual timings here once we have them, most likely a couple of days beforehand.

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