Gatwick Airport to Receive Station Redevelopment

Gatwick Airport Railway Station set to receive £150m upgrade in 2020

It was recently announced that Gatwick Airport Railway Station will receive a £150 million upgrade next year, to help improve experience for the 20 million people that visit Gatwick Airport each year by train.

Gatwick Airport sees trains depart for London every 3-5 minutes with services to Bedford, Cambridge, Peterborough, London Victoria and London Bridge. Improvements are also set to reduce train delays and provide easier connections across the South East.

The station’s redevelopment is expected to commence in 2020 and will last through until 2020. Upgrade work includes doubling the size of the existing station concourse, which is located on an upper level. 8 new escalators and 5 new lifts will be implemented to ease passenger flow between the platforms and reduce overcrowding. Additionally, platforms 5 and 6 will be widened (there is currently a generous gap between 6 and 7, so presumably this space will be used up. Canopies will be constructed over platforms 3 to 71.

Gatwick Airport New Concourse Design
Gatwick Airport Concourse – an artists impression of the new roof and concourse design. An aircraft is seen flying overhead at low altitude, seemingly flying south rather than west towards the runway.

Numerous artistic impression photographs suggest that the concourse roof structure will be overhauled, meaning that it is very likely the historic BR lines logo on the existing concourse roof will be gone.

Below: a satellite view of the Gatwick Airport station concourse, showing the faded British Rail railway lines logo. The escalators at the south lead into the South terminal and the larger area to the north is the concourse.

Comments from officials:

Stewart Wingate, chief executive of Gatwick Airport, shared:

Gatwick has been transformed in recent years and the redesigned train station will take the airport’s redevelopment to the next level by providing a seamless transition between the airport and the station, more lifts, escalators and a doubling in the size of the concourse. The new station will complement the huge improvements to rail services at the airport, which include new fleets of Gatwick Express and Thameslink trains and services that now leave the airport for London every three minutes – as frequently as services on the tube.”

What’s more, Costain chief executive Alex Vaughan said:

“The development at Gatwick will transform the existing station and provide a greatly enhanced experience for airport and passengers

Gatwick Airport is the second busiest airport in the UK with around 46 million people using the airport each year.

1 Information about platforms 3-7 concourse and photograph taken from Crawley Observer website at

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