First Train Enters Newhaven Marine Aggregates Terminal

First Train Service at Newhaven Marine Aggregates Terminal

66113 arrives into Newhaven Harbour with a train to Newhaven Aggregates terminal

The first DB Cargo operated aggregates train has served Newhaven Marine aggregates terminal this week as the new plant opens to railfreight traffic.

Thursday 18th June 2020 saw DB Cargo’s class 66 locomotive number 66113 work the Acton Yard to Newhaven Marine service, running via the Brighton Mainline, Cooksbridge and Lewes. The service was formed of empty box wagons, which are loaded at Newhaven Marine sidings. 66113 was recently applied Key Worker vinyls to show their support.

66113 is welcomed into Newhaven Marine sidings
66113 is welcomed into Newhaven Marine sidings

Newhaven Marine, once a station which served Newhaven’s ferry port, has been closed to the public for a number of years and until recently, saw only several Empty Coaching Stock non-passenger services a week.

The new aggregates terminal at Newhaven East Quay branches off from the Lewes to Seaford branch at Newhaven Harbour. The platform and old station area serves as a run around loop for locomotives, before backing the train into 1 of 2 parallel sidings. The rake of wagons is loaded with marine-dredged aggregates and sand, imported by a suction dredger such as Brett-operated Britannia Beaver boat. Following loading of half of the rake of wagons, the consist is split, and those loaded wagons are moved into the adjacent siding, out of the way. The remainder of the empty wagons is then shunted into the loading siding.

Newhaven Marine
The train is split into 2 sets of 4 wagons, the rest of the train sits in Newhaven Marine adjacent to the disused platform whilst the rest of the wagons are loaded.

Whilst a number of trains have used the Marine platform area for reversals , including Southern class 313s and 377s, as well as a variety of engineering trains and tampers to renew the sidings, today was the first official commercial rail service into the new yard.

66113 Newhaven Marine

Correspondents of the Rail Record website have been following the development progress of Newhaven Marine sidings, showing a selection of photographs from the area over the past few months.

You can watch the video of the first train arriving into Newhaven Marine on Youtube and below:

Timings for the first aggregates train into Newhaven Marine:

There are paths into and out of Newhaven Marine Monday through to Saturday, but all paths are in the Working Timetable and run only when they are required. Therefore, whilst there are multiple schedules for each day of the week, only some will run. Live train times can show when a service is running – just search for “Newhaven Marine Ag Tml Dbc”.

Train 6O13 runs SX from 18/05/20 to 11/12/20
Type WTT   Diesel Loco   Timed at 060mph
Sector 5   Train service code 57121920

Acton T.C. 1029
Acton Wells Jn 1034
Willesden S.W.S. 1036
Willesden Sw Goods Lines 1040
Mitre Bridge Jn 1042
North Pole Jn 1044
Kensington (Olympia) 1049
Latchmere Jn 1057
Clapham Junction 1100-1106
Balham 1111
Streatham North Jn 1113
Streatham Common 1116
Selhurst 1125
Windmill Bridge Jn 1127
East Croydon 1129
South Croydon 1133-1151
Purley 1157
Stoats Nest Jn. 1201
Redhill 1214
Earlswood (Surrey) 1218
Gatwick Airport 1227
Three Bridges 1233
Balcombe Tunnel Jn 1239
Copyhold Jn 1245
Haywards Heath 1246
Keymer Jn 1250
Lewes 1307
Southerham Jn 1309
Newhaven Town 1319
Newhaven Harbour 1320
Newhaven Marine Ag Tml Dbc 1322

Timings for the first train out of Newhaven Marine:

Carrying marine dredged materials for unloading at Neasden.

Train 6V16 runs THO from 18/06/20 to 18/06/20
Type VAR   Diesel Loco   Timed at 060mph
Sector 5   Train service code 57121920

Newhaven Marine Ag Tml Dbc 2118
Newhaven Harbour 2120
Newhaven Town 2121
Southerham Jn 2131
Lewes 2134
Keymer Jn 2153
Haywards Heath 2158
Copyhold Jn 2159
Balcombe Tunnel Jn 2209
Three Bridges 2211
Gatwick Airport 2214
Earlswood (Surrey) 2220
Redhill 2222
Stoats Nest Jn. 2235
Purley 2236
South Croydon 2241
East Croydon 2243
Windmill Bridge Jn 2244
Norwood Junction 2248
Bromley Jn 2252
Crystal Palace 2254
West Norwood 2307
West Norwood Junction 2307
Streatham Hill 2312
Balham 2315
Clapham Junction 2320-2325
Latchmere Jn 2328
Kensington (Olympia) 2335
North Pole Jn 2338
Mitre Bridge Jn 2340
Willesden Sw Goods Lines 2343
Willesden S.W.S. 2344
Acton Wells Jn 2346
Acton T.C. 2352-0550
Acton Wells Jn 0555
Acton Canal Wharf 0557
Neasden Jn 0601
Neasden Engineers Sdgs 0604
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