First GN Class 717 Enters Passenger Service

First Great Northern Class 717 Enters Service Today

The first Great Northern class 717 will enter full-day passenger service today. The new 6 carriage train will work services to and from Moorgate, GN advised on Twitter this morning.

The new Siemens Class 717 trains are set to replace the ageing Great Northern class 313 trains. The GN 313s will gradually be stepped down as a new 717 enters service to replace the 313’s workings.

This follows the recent completion of class 717 deliveries, which finished in January.

GN 717s have been seen on Gordon Hill services previously but today is the first day of full day running operations.

Great Northern class 717 Moorgate
Brand New Great Northern Class 717 at Moorgate Railway Station

2 of the new 717 trains have entered service today. These are fitted with air conditioning and will provide customers with smoother and more comfortable journeys.

Below are the diagrams, for the first week in service for the GN Class 717 trains on full-day services.

Class 717 diagrams
Class 717 diagrams for week commencing 25th March

If you’re having trouble viewing that image the full times can be found below for the first units entry into service. (Monday 25th Only). View image above for rest of the weeks diagrams.

5K02 05+32 Hornsey Depot to Finsbury Park
2K02 05.41 Finsbury Park to Moorgate
2F04 06.07 Moorgate to Stevenage via Hertford
2J30 07.28 Stevenage to Moorgate via Hertford
2V33 08.45 Moorgate to Welwyn GC
2K50 09.38 Welwyn GC to Moorgate
2F52 10.41 Moorgate to Watton-at-Stone
5J71 11+53 Watton-at-Stone to Watton-at-Stone via Langley Junction
2J71 12.11 Watton-at-Stone to Moorgate
2V73 13.20 Moorgate to Welwyn GC
5I00 14+14 Welwyn GC to Welwyn GC via Reverse Sidings
2K00 14.39 Welwyn GC to Moorgate
2F02 15.40 Moorgate to Watton-at-Stone
5J27 16+40 Watton-at-Stone to Watton-at-Stone via Langley Junction
2J27 16.59 Watton-at-Stone to Moorgate
2V28 18.00 Moorgate to Welwyn GC
2K46 18.58 Welwyn GC to Moorgate
2B48 19.55 Moorgate to Hertford North
2J63 21.00 Hertford North to Moorgate
2V65 22.00 Moorgate to Welwyn GC
5E65 22+58 Welwyn GC to Hornsey Depot

3B20 06+32 Hornsey Depot to Gordon Hill
2J20 07.11 Gordon Hill to Moorgate
2G22 07.55 Moorgate to Gordon Hill
2J38 08.41 Gordon Hill to Moorgate
2B40 09.25 Moorgate to Hertford North
2J57 10.30 Hertford North to Moorgate
2V59 11.30 Moorgate to Welwyn GC
2K72 12.28 Welwyn GC to Moorgate
2B74 13.25 Moorgate to Hertford North
2J89 14.30 Hertford North to Moorgate
2V01 15.30 Moorgate to Welwyn GC
2K18 16.28 Welwyn GC to Moorgate
2G25 17.25 Moorgate to Gordon Hill
2J37 18.12 Gordon Hill to Moorgate
2G40 18.55 Moorgate to Gordon Hill
5E89 19+42 Gordon Hill to Hornsey Depot

The Class 717 Great Northern trains are based at Hornsey Depot and have been arriving into the country through the Channel Tunnel Rail Link through Dollands Moor international freight depot, where the 717 is then moved up to Hornsey, dragged by a GB Railfreight class 66.

Due to lack of space, Great Northern class 717s have had to be stored at locations as far as West Worthing carriage shed. This lack of space is due to the existing GN 313s, in addition to the new coming 717s. Some photos and information of the GN class 717s at West Worthing are available on the HSTBEN1 website at

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Andrew Gwilt
Andrew Gwilt
5 years ago

Brilliant news that the new Class 717 trains are now in service today. What about operating them to Letchworth Garden City at some point this year.

Still it’s time to say goodbye to the Great Northern Class 313s. With Southern to keep the Class 313s in service as they won’t replace them for some time ahead.


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