Timings For 1938 Tube Stock Railtour – Sunday 17th March

Timings For 1938 Tube Stock Railtour – Sunday 17th March 2019

Full timings for the London Transport Museum Art Deco 1938 Tube Stock Excursion on Sunday 17th March 2019.

London Transport Museum are offering another opportunity to travel behind the vintage 1938 Tube Stock underground train. This follows a previous railtour with the 1938 tube stock to Moorgate, Amersham and Waterford.

On Sunday 17th March, 1938TS train 746 will work the special excursion train across the District, Hammersmith & City, Circle, Piccadilly and Metropolitan lines. Train 746 is composed of 4 cars and tickets for this excursion are sold out.

Trip One: Northfields to Upminster
Trip Two: Upminster to Acton Town.

Below can be found the full list of timings for next Sunday’s excursion train. Please note, that the London Underground does not operate on the same operations as national rail trains, so there will be no live updates on Rail Record for this train. Its also important to note that the train may run early or late at any point.

Outbound ECS

Northfields Depot Depart 1000

Pickup Passengers

Northfields (p4) 1005 – 1011
Acton Town (p4) 1017
Turnham Green 1021
Hammersmith 1026
West Kensington 1029
Earl’s Court (p1) 1032
Gloucester Road 1035
South Kensington 1036
Embankment 1046
Mansion House 1051
Tower Hill 1055
Aldgate East 1058
Whitechapel 1102
West Ham 1112
Plaistow 1113
Barking 1121
Dagenham East 1129
Upminster (p4 ) 1140

Set Down Passengers for a short leg stretch, train maintenance at depot

Upminster Depart 1145
Upminster Depot Arrive 1151


Upminster Depot Depart 1254
Upminster Arrive 1300

Pickup Passengers, Journey 2

Upminster Depart 1301
Dagenham East 1309
Barking 1319
Plaistow 1327
West Ham 1329
Whitechapel 1339
Aldgate East 1342
Liverpool Street 1348
Moorgate 1349
Farringdon 1353
King’s Cross 1356
Baker Street (p2) 1403
Finchley Road 1409
Neasden 1413
Wembley Park (p1) 1421
Harrow On The Hill (p3) 1430
Rayners Layne (p1) 1435 – 1436
South Harrow 1439
Alperton 1446
North Ealing 1450
Ealing Common 1453
Acton Town (p4) 1456

Train finished. Set Down passengers, then ECS back to depot

Acton Rev Siding 21 1502
Acton Town (p1) 1516
Northfields (p1) 1524
Northfields Depot 1529 – 1809
Northfields (p3) 1814
Acton Town (p4) 1818 – 1822
Ealing Common Depot 1830

Due to an engineering possession at Ealing Common Depot, the train will wait at Northfields Depot from 1529 until 1809. If the possession is overturned, it may run straight back to Ealing.

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