Seaford Branch Resignalling Nears Completion

Seaford Branch Resignalling Nears Completion

Network Rail have announced dates for further work on the Seaford branch in a bid to complete the Seaford Branch resignalling work.

This announcement follows a number of recent branch line closures, including the 10 day Seaford Branch closure last year. Work to complete the signalling work was pencilled in for earlier this year but was halted last minute.

The 3 railway signalling boxes which control the Seaford Branch are:

  • Lewes signal box which controls the line through to just before Glynde (Lewes <> Eastbourne line) and up to Tarring Neville (Lewes <> Seaford), just short of Newhaven Day Aggreates yard.
  • Newhaven Town signal box which monitors the level crossing at Newhaven Town station, and also controls the area between Tarring Neville and Newhaven Town station including town yard.
  • Newhaven Harbour signal box which controls the rest of the Seaford Branch between Newhaven Town and Seaford. This includes Newhaven Harbour level crossing and the new Newhaven Marine aggregate terminal.
Newhaven Harbour Signal Box
Newhaven Harbour signal box complete with partially faded Network Southeast name plate. Newhaven Marine siding is just to the left out of the shot.

These 3 signal boxes are due to become decommissioned from Thursday 28th November, as the resignalling project transfers control over to Three Bridges Route Operations Centre.

As a result of this signalling transfer, Lewes signal box will remain standing but not used (as a Grade II listed structure, it cannot be demolished without special permission). Newhaven Town signal box is expected to be demolished. Newhaven Harbour signal box is expected to be used by Newhaven Port.

Seaford Branch Resignalling Dates

  • Sunday 25th August 2019

The Seaford branch is expected to be closed on Sunday 25th August 2019. This consists of level crossing work. Newhaven Harbour level crossing will be closed from this date forward. Network Rail have advised that PRM should use Newhaven Town instead if they can’t manage the footbridge.

  • Sunday 15th September 2019

Rail replacement bus service between Haywards Heath and Polegate, and Brighton and Polegate. Lewes to Seaford will also be shut as expected. Tamping, resignalling and track renewal will take place.

  • Thursday 28 November – Sunday 01 December 2019

Final resignalling work and control moved to Three Bridges ROC.

The completion of the resignalling will also enable access for trains into the new Newhaven Marine sidings. This includes rail access to the new aggregate facility where marine dredged aggregates are bagged and exported, taking over 100 lorries off the road. Whilst the aggregate plant has not yet been constructed, development of a new port access road has already commenced to help accelerate the redevelopment of Newhaven East Quay. The new port access road, and associated road bridge over the Seaford Branch, is being constructed just East of the footbridge on beach road. In addition, plans are already in place for the construction of a new bridge at Tide Mills, to replace the existing foot crossing.

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