Rail Record VSTP Schedules Search Now Live

Rail Record VSTP Schedules Search Now Live

Rail Record is pleased to announce that the VSTP schedule search page is now working and pulling in VSTP train services.

A list of Colas Rail VSTP services
A list of Colas Rail VSTP services

The VSTP Search page is accessible from the main menu > Enthusiast Resources > VSTP Schedules. It is possible to search for VSTP services from a variety of different train operating companies too. We’re in the process of tidying up our list of operators to provide more accurate information, train operating company information isn’t 100% accurate at the moment so you might see VSTP schedules from spontaneous train operating company.

Unlike other train times websites, we use the Train Service Code supplied through the NR data feeds to identify what train operating companies operate which services. We identify correlations and patterns in these service codes and can work out which train operating company works which services, by going out and seeing it. From this, we can also make a note of what the load is. This information is useful for railway enthusiasts looking to work out which freight operating companies are working which services.

On the VSTP Schedules page, you can search for VSTP services on a particular date from a choice of operators. We will show you their headcode (if available), along with their origin and destination with associated timings (a few bugs here as some times don’t display…working on it).

At the near bottom of the Rail Record homepage, we also have a summary of the most recent 10 created VSTP schedules. This list updates regularly when new VSTP schedules are found. This list shows the headcode, origin/destination, TOC, and date runs.

The ‘eye’ icon on each VSTP service row will soon take you to the train’s schedule. We’re finishing off the train timetable page at the moment, which includes things like operator, headcode, activation/cancellation status, max speed and usual train class. We expect this to be finished no later than December 16th. After this, there are a few bugs that need fixing, so we should be ready to make publicly available for January 1st, 2019.

Quick recap on what VSTP services are…

VSTP schedules are Very Short Term Planned train services which timetables’ are created within 48 hours of the service departing. Examples of train services which might run as a VSTP include: when a train service’s schedule is cancelled and another is created with alternate timings; a freight train with a load change – such as running as a light engine instead of with a load; or perhaps just a service which is required at last minute notice such as emergency engineering work or building supplies.


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