SMS Pack


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SMS Pack

A one-off purchase of SMS credits for your Rail Record member account.


  • No Spam – Faster and more reliable delivery of alerts compared to email and push.
  • Use Whenever – SMS credits do not expire. One off purchase of SMS credits without the need for a rolling member pro subscription.
  • 7 Day Pro Membership – Purchasing any SMS pack gives you a 7 day pro subscription free. Your SMS credits are not billed with a Pro membership.
  • 30 Day Pro Membership – Purchase of this SMS pack adds a 30-day pro trial to your account, so you can use these credits on VSTP alerts too.

Please note that our Pro Subscription (monthly £1.99 and yearly £15.00 ) include unlimited SMS sends. This package is better suited for those that want service-based alerts without ongoing costs.

SMS Pricing is based on average length of SMS sent (usually as 2 or 3 SMS per message). Longer location names result in longer SMS. We also include links to schedules in SMS. Please note that when the pro subscription expires SMS credits can only be used on service alerts.


5 Credits, 10 Credits, 25 Credits, 50 Credits, 100 Credits, 250 Credits, 500 Credits