Member Pro Monthly

£1.99 / month


Member Area Pro Subscription (Monthly)

If you are changing from a yearly to monthly subscription or vice versa, please ensure you cancel your previous subscription before attempting to sign up to the other.

This subscription helps to support the running of the website and includes the following features:

  • VSTP Alerts
  • Daily STP Alerts
  • Weekly TSR (Temporary Speed Restriction) Route Alerts
  • 1 Minute Alert Checks
  • Direct Links to Realtimetrains and Railcam on Live Schedule Pages
  • Access Past Data up-to 1 year in the past (allocations and saved train schedules) and loco search results
  • Go ad-free – ads are no longer displayed on live train times or member area*
  • Lock allocations and prevent other users removing and re-adding as their own

* Must be logged in. Does not include
** We reserve the right to incur quotas if this service gets exploited.

About This Subscription

This subscription works out at £23.88 per year. We also have a yearly subscription (£15 per year).

You can cancel this subscription any time via your account. A banner will appear on the homepage of with a link to this billing account. You may be asked to login again for security reasons. Once you’ve logged in, head to your subscriptions tab to cancel. Once you’ve cancelled your subscription, the banner will continue to appear on – this is normal. This is because your member benefits do not end immediately when you cancel, they continue to run until your prepaid period is up.

This subscription replaces the previous payments system and credits purchase page because:

  • We now support more payment methods including Google Pay, Apple Pay and Credit/Debit Card
  • The billing account gives you much greater view over your orders, billing details and purchases
  • Improved financial security including bank verification screen / approve purchase in app dialogs.
  • One subscription makes it a lot clearer to see what you’ve purchased and what you’ve got access to. One subscription for everything.
  • It’s cheaper. Unlimited SMS for £1.99 as opposed to £2.99 for 50. Plus you get access to up to 365 days of past schedules on and no limits for alerts.