UK Railtours Metroland and Quainton Railtour Timings

Timings now available for Metroland and Quainton Railtour 2019

London Transport Museum Class 20
20142 in London Transport livery. One of the locomotives expected to be working the tour.

Timings for the Metroland and Quainton railtour by UK Railtours, have now been published.

The timings, which are the same for both the Sunday 25th and Monday 26th August, can be found below.

London Marylebone Dep 1000
Harrow on the Hill (1) Dep 1017
Moor Park 1024
Watford South Junction 1027
Rickmansworth 1032
Chorleywood 1035
Chalfont and Latimer 1040
Amersham (1) 1044
Great Missenden 1056
Wendover 1104
Stoke Mandeville 1108
Aylesbury 1120
Quainton Road Arrive 1145

Quainton Road Dep 1225
Aylesbury 1253
Stoke Mandeville 1259
Wendover 1304
Great Missenden 1313
Amersham (3) 1324
Chalfont and Latimer 1328
Rickmansworth 1335
Watford (2) Arrive 1343

Watford (2) Dep 1350
Croxley 1355
Rickmansworth 1401
Chorleywood 1405
Chalfont and Latimer 1410
Amersham (1) 1414
Great Missenden 1425
Wendover 1433
Stoke Mandeville 1437
Aylesbury 1443
Quainton Road Arrive 1508

Quainton Road Dep 1605
Aylesbury 1625
Stoke Mandeville 1630
Wendover 1635
Great Missenden 1644
Amersham (3) 1655
Chalfont and Latimer 1659
Chorleywood 1702
Rickmansworth 1706
Watford South Junction 1708
Harrow on the Hill (2) 1720
London Marylebone Arr 1737


Associated live times links can be found below. Section between Rickmansworth and Watford isn’t available due to it not being published through the network rail feeds.

Sunday 25th August 2019

5Z33 0820 West Ruislip LUL Depot to London Marylebone

1Z33 1000 London Marylebone to Quainton Road
1Z34 1225 Quainton Road to Rickmansworth
1Z35 1401 Rickmansworth to Quainton Road
1Z36 Quainton Road to London Marlybone
5Z36 1820 Marylebone to Marylebone
Monday 26th August 2019
5Z33 0820 Marylebone to Marylebone
1Z33 1000 Marylebone to Quainton Road
1Z34 1225 Quainton Road to Rickmansworth
1Z35 1401 Rickmansworth to Quainton Road
1Z36 1606 Quainton Road to London Marylebone
1Z37 London Marylebone to West Ruislip
5Z37 West Ruislip to Depot

Train runs from London Marylebone at 10am, initially coming from Ruislip Depot ECS. Running via Neasden, Harrow On The Hill, Rickmansworth to Quainton Road. Passengers can choose to alight at Quainton Road for Buckinghamshire Railway Centre’s 50th anniversary. Alternatively, they can stay on for an additional trip to Watford and return.

The train arrives Quainton Road (Buckingham Railway Centre) 1145, departing 1225 for Watford. Note that this is Watford tube station and it is not going via Watford Junction railway station. This train runs along the Chiltern lines.

Then after a short time at Watford (1343 – 1350), the train arrives back into Buckingham Railway Centre 1508. Departing 1605 out of Quainton Road, the Metroland charter arrives back in to London Marylebone at 1737. ECS returns to Ruislip Depot.

The train is formed of 2x class 20 and a class 33 top and tail.

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