Pacer Farewell Tour Announced

Pacer Farewell Railtour Announced

A class 143 pacer farewell Railtour has been announced, following the recent initiation of the pacer class 142 Withdrawals at Northern.

Branch Line Society are organising the Railtour, which takes place along Welsh metals on Sunday 6th October 2019.

The farewell excursion is raising funds for British Heart Foundation and is run with thanks to Transport for Wales.

Confirmed Traction: 143605 & 142082.

The excursion, titled “Farwelio â Phacer Cymoedd Caerdydd” (translating as Cardiff Valley Pacer Farewell) features 2 x Class 143 “Pacer” units throughout. Therefore spacing is likely to be very limited (although given the choice, I’m sure many people would prefer NOT to travel on a pacer correct me if I’m wrong)

This excursion charter will feature a number of unusual lines across the region with the highlights being Treherbert and Rhymney Sidings, along with a wide range of sought after crossovers.

Full Timings (mostly available):

0810 Cardiff Canton Sidings to Cardiff Central:

0820 Cardiff Central to Pontypridd:

1200 Pontypridd to Pontypridd:

1533 Pontypridd to Cardiff Bay

1935 Cardiff Bay to Cardiff Central ;

2055 Cardiff Central to Canton Siding:

The proposed timings and route is as follows (timings subject to change to meet mainline regulations) – we’ll post full live times here once available.

Cardiff Central P0 (PU 08.13) – Canton Depot – Ninian Park P2 (RM) – Cogan DPL – Barry P3 (RM) – Cogan UPL – Ninian Park P1 (RM) – Cardiff Central P0 (RM) – Ninian Park P2 – Radyr P2 – Taffs Well (RM) – Radyr P2 – Llandaf – Cardiff Queen Street P3 – Cardiff Central P4A – Ninian Park P2 – Radyr P3 – Pontypridd P3 (RM) – Radyr P2 (RM) – Pontypridd P2 – Treherbert North GF (RM) – Treherbert Sidings (RM) – Treherbert North GF (RM) – Pontypridd P2 (RM) –- Aberdare (RM) – Abercwmboi DPL – Stormstown Loop – Pontypridd P2 – Radyr P2 (RM) – Pontypridd P1 – Radyr P2 – Ninian Park – Cardiff Central – Cardiff Queen Street P4 – Caerphilly P1 (RM) – Cardiff Queen Street P2 – Cardiff Central P8 (RM) – Cardiff Queen Street P5 – Bargoed P1 – Rhymney North Ground Frame (RM) – Rhymney DMU Sidings (RM) – Rhymney North Ground Frame (RM) – Bargoed P2 (RM) – Bargoed Viaduct Sidings (RM) – Caerphilly P2 – Cardiff Queen Street P2 – Cardiff Bay (RM) – Cardiff Queen Street P4 – Ystrad Mynach (RM) – Dn Rhymney Loop – Cardiff Queen Street P3 – Cardiff Central P4 – Brickyard Siding (RM) – Cardiff Central P0 (SD 20.33).

Bookings are being taken through the Branch Line Society website.

A total of 25 class 143 Pacers were built, with 23 still in service. Their natural habitat is in the South West; unlike their sisters the class 142, which are now operating with Northern and have already commenced withdrawl. Lines served include the Avocet Line, Bristol to Taunton Line, Riviera Line, Severn Beach Line and Tarka Line and Valley Lines

The excursion pacer farewell railtour runs on Sunday 6th October 2019. 

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