On Track Plant – Schweerbau Rail Grinder

On Track Plant – Schweerbau Rail Grinder

DR79200 Rail Grinder
Rail Grinder DR79200 at Haywards Heath Up Sidings

The Schweerbau Rail Grinder shown above was seen in Haywards Heath Up Sidings a little while ago. It is SPML 15 rail grinder with TOPS code ZWA-N. It was constructed in Germany in 1993 and is based in South East England.

The rail grinder has running number DR79200, and vehicles lettered A B and C.

Rail grinders are used overnight or during engineering possessions, to remove irregularities and wear from the rails, restoring railhead profile providing a better ride for passengers. The grinding process often emits a shower of sparks at each side of the train from the hot metal dust removed, a sight to behold. Rail Grinders use highly abrasive wheels rotating at high speed to abrade the rail head material.

A variety of other rail grinders exist on the UK rail network, which we will share on Rail Record live train times in due course. Grinders are usually operated by Network Rail and HARSCO, running under service codes 53693901 (NR Grinders), and 53693601 (HARSCO operated grinders). Other grinding train service codes exist, but are infrequently used.

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