Freight Returns to Southern West Coastway

Hanson 59102
Hanson 59102 emerges from Clayton Tunnel between Hassocks and Preston Park on the first working of this new flow.

Rail freight Returns to West Coastway

In a major timetable shift for December 2023, Sussex has seen it’s fair share of changes for the rail freight stream. And whilst subtle changes like headcode and departure times for the likes of the Ardingly and Newhaven freights, see below, the most attention drawing development is the introduction of freight via the Southern West Coastway.

Rail Freight Changes for the Brighton Mainline this December 2023

The majority of changes are on Freightliner hauled trains.

Ardingly Hanson (now Heidelberg)

The 6M60 / 6V60 morning departure from Ardingly is now WTT alongside with a later afternoon path to from Ardingly. With a later morning arrival from Avonmouth or Dagenham. The usual morning paths are retained, from Hanwell Bridge and Humberstone Road.

Newhaven Branch

There are no obvious changes to the Newhaven Marine trains led by DB Cargo and GBRF.

Town Yard / Day Aggs now sees a later 1249 6M02 off the yard, originally 1218 departure. The inbound path remains mostly unchanged but the ID is now 6O12, not 6O01. 6V00 was the previous northbound ID.

Crawley Foster Yeoman

The biggest changes for Sussex is the reintroduction of rail freight via the West Coastway. Notably via Lancing and Preston Park, not via Horsham. GBRF paths between Crawley and Cardiff remain as did last year, but unlike Freightliner, there have been no route learning trips so these are unlikely to run.

The Coastway freight runs as 6O68 Westbury Tarmac to Crawley FY. 1326 arrival. 1831 departure as 6V69. Same way return.

No sign of a reintroduction of the Salfords terminal any time soon.

Have you noticed any other timetable changes for freight in Sussex? Do comment below.


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