This page is old and no longer maintained. To use the live train times click here. A full guide to using the service is available on that page.

Using Rail Record Live Train Times

Rail Record UK is still in development. We expect to have working data feeds by October 1st (including working VSTP feeds on VSTP page and in the VSTP feed summary on homepage). Throughout October we will be allowing our database to fill up and test performance etc. Thereafter, we expect our realtime trains search facility to go live on 1st November 2018.

This help guide is still being updated. Please check back later.

Future Ideas

We have lots of ideas in the pipeline for Rail Record as outlined below. Our priority at the moment is to complete the live train times feature and see how much data we can fit into the existing database.

We’d like to show you historical train running information and give you the ability to search for services up to a year (or more) in the past however as we have only gone live quite recently and not so well heard of, it won’t be financially viable at first to increase our database size to hold data for a year’s worth of train services.

Our ideas as follows:

  • We’d like to offer email notifications for train service activations, cancellations and when a specific service leaves its origin, or reaches a defined location. For this however we may need to create a user login system which will take time to implement into the current system. We’re also not in favour of people having to log in to view train times as this is a hassle and goes against our aims to provide a quick and easy service of providing live train times.
  • Another useful feature may be for preserved railways to input their own timetables etc. We could give preserved railways the ability to create an account and create their own timetable information (in a seperate database to the NR datafeeds so there is no data conflicts) and show locomotive allocations etc.