Train 0H06 19:17 Whitemoor Local Distribution Centre to Peterborough Maintenance Shed GB Railfreight

0H06 Operated By GBRf

Runs:Thursday 06/12/18
Schedule ID: 63959
Operated By: GBRf
Description: GB Railfreight ( + seasonal RHTT and SITT)
Service Code: 54761000
Activation Status: Activated: 06/12/18 18:53:41
Trust ID:460H063Y06
Max Speed: mph
Timing Load:
Train Type: Diesel Locomotive
Train category:
Operational Information:
Presumed Traction: GBRf 66 or 73
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Sched Created: 06/12/18 18:53:40
Modified WTT (var):Not VAR
Peterborough Maintenance Shed GB RailfreightArrived19:484 LateTerminated.
Peterborough 6Departed19:424 Late
PeterboroughArrived19:413 Late
Peterborough East JunctionDeparted19:404 Late
WhittleseaDeparted19:332 Late
March West JunctionDeparted19:202 Early
Whitemoor Local Distribution CentreDeparted19:098 Early