Coming Soon – Rail Record Android App

Rail Record Android App Coming Soon

I’ve spent a bit of my spare time the past few months putting an app together for Android smartphones and tablets.

The app offers pretty much all of the stuff the current website has to offer, plus some extras and improvements.

As the app won’t be available for iOS (at least for now) (because I have no Apple equipment to build and test it), the website will see a lot of the improvements seen in the app.

Some of the new features include:

  • Tidier Views – The layout has been improved a bit, but at the cost of making some of the rows a bit chunkier. I hope you don’t mind.
  • Run History – Put in a headcode, and optionally an operator, and a list of that service will be displayed over the past few days.
  • Recent Searches – A list of your location based searches (along with options) to quickly jump to the same again and again.
  • Date Jumping – On search results for location, use the arrows to quickly skip between dates, applying the same criteria (eg +1 day, -1 day).

Some improvements include:

  • Live information shown on head code search page and VSTP search page. The head code results are also shown in time order, unlike the website.
  • App shows change of origin and change of location (blue markers) on the search results page, unlike the website which only shows it on the schedule.
  • The app will switch between dark and light mode depending on your device settings.
  • Extra platforms are added where available.
  • Both actual arrival and actual departure are shown on the schedule pages, as opposed to the website which only shows the most recent of the two.

There are other improvements to the schedules I have made which you’ll probably notice with time.

The app will be available soon for Android 5.0 devices and higher. The app will be free and will not contain ads. For now though, here are a couple of pics.

Service Listings
Service Results

(The floating buttons in the bottom right pictured above let you quickly change between dates at locations, using the same search settings as you preselected)

Schedule Night

(The floating button bottom right was a previous version and has since been removed)

Day Service

(The floating button bottom right was a previous version and has since been removed)

Whilst I am confident the app in its current state is fit for release, I have a few extra bits i’d like to add in beforehand, and I am also progressing push notifications for alerts to be available through the app as well. There will be no member area integration at the time of release, and alerts will be independent, serving only push notifications. For SMS and Email alerts, the member area should continue to be used on the website.

In the future, things like pinned services and saved schedules (for offline access) will be implemented.

One final point, as far as I am aware no other apps on the Google Play store use the Network Rail feeds, so don’t display things like headcodes, non-passenger and special workings. They all use the National Rail enquiries feeds, so this app will be a bit different. Lets see how it goes.

Author: matt

Owner of Rail Record

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5 months ago

Hi Matt

The app sounds great.

Do you have a release date for it yet please?



Matt B
Matt B
5 months ago
Reply to  Dave1048

Hello Dave
The app is practically done, I’m currently working on the alerts for a future update. The release date will be before mid April but ideally I’d like to wait until the next clock change to make sure it works ok.
If you’d like a link to download a test version from Google play please let me know
Kind regards

5 months ago
Reply to  Matt B

Hi Matt

Thanks for your reply.

Could I have a link to download a test version please?

I find your website really heloful for spotting.


1 month ago
Reply to  Matt B

Could I have the download/APK link please

1 month ago


Is the app released yet? I can’t see anything on the play store as of 21/5. Please could I have a link to download the test version if not?

Many thanks.